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Are Free Conference Calls Really Available?


Conference calling is widely used for business conferences and for entertainment alike. It is now offered be many service providers at a relatively low price. However, you may rightly wonder: can you make completely free conference calls?

The answer is: yes!

Teleconference companies now offer packages where the basic service is free and you only have to pay for more advanced options. A free conference call service means that you can use toll-free dial-in numbers which you get for a very low price, or that you only pay for the telephone connection, while the service is completely free, and it usually has additional features. The possibilities are almost endless. You can make free conference calls between your different offices and departments, no matter where you are at the moment.

Extra features for free!

Some service providers even offer extra features as no-payment options. For example, some conferencing companies let you record free conference calls besides the no-payment call option. Not only is the recording service free, it can be reached from a phone or computer, with no downloading costs. You can share, save or even send recordings to your listeners via podcast. With some services, you can make unlimited 7/24 audio conference calls any time. You only have to pay for extra services such as calling an 800 number or letting more participants talk. You just need to visit the service provider's website and register for a recording account.

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No-payment conferences via the Net

There are web-based free conference calling services that you can use immediately after signing up for a user account. This online interface allows you to schedule and manage free conferences from any Web browser, without the help of an operator. However, you have to pay for the extra features like transcription, downloading, conference recording and playback.

With a free conference call service, you do not even need a user account or give any information regarding your conference, such as date and time, number of participants, dial-in number, etc. Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant Access Code will be able to join the conference. Conference call options based on VoIP are also generally free. For such a free conference call service, you only need to purchase a device which works just like your regular phone, but has more calling features. However, you don't have to pay for the VoIP-based application.

Common features of free services

For your information, here is a list of features commonly offered by a free conference service:

  • Entirely Digital Lines
  • Unlimited Conference Duration
  • Free recording and retrieving possibilities
  • Fully reservationless
  • No computer or internet needed
  • Call from any telephone line

Beware! Even if there are really free conference calling services, when you want to choose a new service, you need to check the rates carefully. Some companies offer the first few minutes for free, and then they charge you with a hidden fee. Always remember to check all conditions offered by a service which claims to be completely free.



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