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Conference Call Solutions for Changing Needs


People have got used to having sophisticated conference call solutions provided by the telephone companies. The people making a conference generally dial a local or toll free long distance number and then enter a PIN code to join the conference call.

Some conference call providers offer permanent PIN numbers so the participants dont have to keep track of many PINs. These are called reservationless calls. Conference participants can mute/unmute themselves, or sometimes a moderator may need to drop participants if their phone makes background noise during a conference. The participants can also change the volume of their lines. Some of the phone companies offer digital recordings for the conference calls.

web conferencing services

Dial-In solutions allow you to reserve your meetings in advance, and to set the conference name, number of participants, conference duration, date and time. With Dial-in conferencing, you can gather up to 200 people for a call. Its perfect for large group conferences like sales and staff meetings, trainings, workshops, or brainstorming sessions. These solutions include time slots on the providers conference bridge at a given time for a given number of participants.

With Three Party Conferencing, you can connect 3 parties into one conference directly from their phones without previous arrangement, an operator or additional costs.

With Web Conferencing services, you can improve your productivity as you discuss with partners, meet with your staff, conduct briefings or trainings. Through such conference call solutions, you can establish real-time online collaboration anytime, anywhere, just like in a face-to-face meeting. You can make use of web conferencing features like slideshow presentation, chatting or even application sharing for maximum business efficiency.

With Digital Replay Service you can record your conference. When you finish the discussion, you will receive an email that contains the information necessary to access the recording. The recording is usually kept for thirty days following the conference call. You can also order a CD recording of your conference call when it has been completed.

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