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Making a Conference Call via the Internet


Internet conference calls are becoming really popular in the world of business, because they make communication easier between employees. They can connect people through a conference line, which is actually a server that operates like a speakerphone and can switch numerous calls. New developments in communication technology have made it possible to use functions and features that weren't there before and of course these features now include web-based solutions as well. It seems that the analog communication systems have reached their technological limits. Voice over IP (VoIP) set-ups have the ability to serve any needs.

The possibilities are endless. Think about it: you can make VoIP calls between your different offices and departments and even your home, no matter where you are in the world. Usually this service is absolutely free, except for the cost of the internet network service. With an expensive switchboard (PBX) supply has many functions, and with their help you can make a 3-way call, hold or transfer calls, etc

After all, conference calls make the life of business networks easier without any pressure and they also have low costs. Internet based conferencing is being used by millions of businesses for good reasons, one of them being that you don't need to travel hours for a meeting any more.

In many cases you are given a toll free call-in number to make a call. This number can be used by other participants of the conversation. VoIP servers can provide multiple calls via the internet. With an internet conferencing system, you can:

  • Reach your account online 24/7 for a phone conference
  • Conduct a telephone conference anywhere
  • Inform the participants of your conference automatically by email any time
  • Set a conference call with many participants
  • Create an address book online
  • Access international calls
  • Use toll-free and local access call numbers
  • Have an easy-to-use telephone interface for teleconferencing
  • Get an easy-to-navigate online interface

Some people are afraid to use internet conference calling because of the danger of security gaps. You don't need to worry about them: with new software technologies you can conduct video and live conference calls safe via the Internet. The most poweful security solution today is ThreatEx which is a multiple application that can conduct efficient safety tests for lots of applications.

Push-to-talk mobile solutions have made it possible to start a conference call via the Internet even with your mobile phone, so all you need is to have your phone with you to join one.

This way of communication can also be used for entertainment or chatting with your friends. People call in to a specified telephone number, and are connected to conversations with other callers. This is a very useful way to talk and meet new people.

On the whole, the most popular solutions for making a call via the internet are: Skype, Freecall, Net 2 Phone, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and so on.

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