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Video conferencing services


Video conferencing allows you to see, talk, share information, and collaborate without ever leaving your office or home. By using multiple videoconferencing services around the world, you can save on travel costs, increase productivity, share complex ideas visually, strengthen relationships between coworkers and customers.

There are various types of videoconferencing. You can choose the most suitable application for yourself, depending on the available IT structure and on what you actually want to achieve. Video conferencing used to be relatively expensive, but prices are getting lower and it is possible for anyone with a fast enough internet connection to operate a video conference.

event management

Multipoint bridging is a full set of bridging service solutions serving the global needs of consumers. It can satisfy your conference needs, however simple or sophisticated they may be. Video bridging services offer standard video conferencing features, along with the fact that specific customer requests are always taken into account. A multipoint bridging videoconferencing service uses reservations and scheduling tools, conference support and you can also ask for videoconferencing features such as continuous presence, added audio features and conference warning tones.

IP Videoconferencing provides video over IP (Internet Protocol). It can be implemented on either a converged network or an overlay network.

With Room Scheduling services, you can schedule management of video and non-video rooms, guest sites and public rooms any time, both around the corner or across the globe. Room scheduling allows you to use immediate conflict management of video conferencing rooms and coordinate your guest sites and public rooms. Even the differences in time zones or languages will not lead to scheduling problems. A good video conferencing service means that your rooms are regularly maintained and updated.

Event Management improves the quality of video confeencing events, large or small, by integrating video, audio, public rooms, VCR recording, web conferencing and video streaming. There are event specialists, who plan and manage everything for your event. The event specialist will make the event plan, detailing all roles and responsibilities, document the event, design a contingency plan, manage vendors and technologies to make sure that each critical step of the event is under control.

You can use all these services with most publicly available video conferencing service providers.




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