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Audio conferencing


An audio conference uses conference calls for meetings and training sessions. This is the cheapest way to conduct a conference and it is the first step into the world of teleconferencing for most corporations and individuals. Audio conferencing and the necessary equipment have been around for many decades. Today, this kind of call is supported by sophisticated and reliable technologies.

For audio conferencing, you need some dial up numbers and two or more speakerphones. These numbers can be either local or long distance numbers. You can also make a conference on your own through long distance calls, or you can sign up for an audio conferencing service. These services offer methods that can handle the dial up on long distance; each of them works a little differently and you have many types of packages to sign up for.

audio conference calling

With most services, you set a meeting for a given time. You enter the necessary information to join the meeting where you have been invited. Every participant of the call is either at a single handset or at a table surrounding a speakerphone. There are now special phones designed for audio conference calling; the sound quality is much better than with a normal phone and speaker.

Today, you will need to make sure that your communication is completely safe. A pin number access system can ensure this, since only people with a proper pin code can reach the call. You can change this code for each meeting, this makes your call safer. Every pin number can be used only once.

In case of international calls, you could face language difficulties. Some audio conferencing corporations offer translation services to fit this need, so you can also use this option. Larger and more sophisticated audio conferencing services include this service as part of their package.

Now you have the possibility of holding a conference call anywhere in the world and you can even reach local audio conference calling services. Access to local and toll free international conference calls around the world means that you don't have to figure out how to call any country to access an audio conference. Logging in to the conference is easy as dialing a local number and the participants can connect to the call even if they are in different countries.

    Here are some tips for successful audio conferences:

    -distribute the agenda and discussion/presentation materials for meetings,
    -send a reminder to the participants the day before the call to confirm their participation,
    -at the beginning of the conference, make a roll call to make sure that all participants know who are audio conferencing,
    -remind participants to identify themselves when speaking,
    -call everybody by name when speaking,
    -speak clearly and avoid side conversations and background noise as much as possible (use the "mute" option).


    In case of web conferencing, you will need special software designed for this purpose. You also have to be networked. But web conferencing has the adventage of seeing the people who are participating, which isn't possible with simple audio conferencing. At the same time, it still remains a relatively cheap conference calling service.

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