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Conference call system


Conference calling has become a common feature of business life. By using it, you can reduce travel costs, make your business more efficient and increase your productivity. Companies are usually outsourcing this service to telephone corporations. The telephone companies charge these calls on per minute per person basis.

The basic part of a call center system is an auto dialer. This allows call centers to automatically dial call lists. Auto dialing has become a tool for telemarketing and fundraising campaigns. Nowadays, the auto dialer call center software is becoming more widely used. It is becoming an essential part of a complex conference call system, emerging as a sophisticated customer service. For many companies, the auto dialer has become an important element of their customer service plan.

web conferencing

Conference bridges usually have 8 to 240 ports. As a part of the conference call system, these products support multiple conferencing methods like audio and web conferencing, among others. Web conferencing solutions allow participants to share documents and browse web sites together. With these products, you can schedule your conference and manage your system through a web-based user interface.

Using a good speakerphone can enhance the sound quality during your conference calls, particularly in situations where there are many participants in a room gathered around a single phone.

A conference call system uses the following transmission methods:

Analog transmission uses signals, which are identical transcriptions of the voice or picture being transmitted. Signals of different frequency or amplitude are added to carry waves with a given frequency of electromagnetic stream, and produce a continuous electric wave. The term "analog signal" came into being because the variations in the carrier waves are the same, or "analogous", to that of the voice itself.

In digital transmission, the signals are converted into a binary code, that is, a series of 1s and 0s. In a digital conference call system, coded light signals produced by quick flashing laser travel through optical fibers and are then decoded by the receiver device (phone, modem or TV). When transmitting a telephone or video conversation, the light flashes with an extremely high rate, which enables two optical fibers to carry about 15,000 conversations simultaneously.

The digital coding system "knows" what the message should be like when it reaches the end of the transmission, so it can correct any errors that may have occurred in the data transfer. This means that the communication becomes clearer. Digital systems offer better clarity, but an analog system provides a richer quality.

New, comprehensive and economical conference bridges are coming to the market, so businesses now have an option of bringing the conferencing service in-house instead of buying expensive outsourced services each month. Most analyses have shown that a typical corporation can save 70-80% on the costs of conferencing services by bringing these functions in-house.

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