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Conference Call Providers


The use of conference calls can save you money, because you dont need to travel and pay for accomodation, as you do in case of long distance meetings. If you need multi-party long distance communications, conference calling services could be the right solution for your business.

The main reason of the demand for conference calls is that one can not be at a meeting in person, for either business, personal or cost reasons. Customers need solutions that are easy to use but also provide powerful alternatives to just manually conferencing participants. Many users say that they use conference services because participants have easy access to them and the host or company can control the conference effectively. Conference call companies offer more and more solutions to fit your special needs.

Here are some of their basic services:

Multiparty Conferencing

With this option, offered by a number of conference call providers, you can hold a conversation with 3 or more parties directly with a phone without operator assistance, pre-arrangement, or additional costs. You can also access telephone-specific user guides to make your choice easier.

Operator assisted conferences

You can conference even dozens of parties using operator services. Such services have relatively low set-up costs and they may charge additional fees for long distance and international calls. This service is available at limited times and must be scheduled in advance.

Other conferencing options and features
ad hoc audio conference
Additional features, including web-based scheduling and call management, are available from multiparty conference call companies that specialize in audio conferencing. Many of these companies offer either scheduled or ad hoc audio conferences, the possibility of conferences for many participants, and virtually unlimited availability (typically after a free one time account setup). Costs and options are different for every company and can be very competitive and provide excellent value.

Conference calling is no longer about just audio communications. More and more companies need efficient meetings for paticipants who are far away from each other. To meet this demand, conference call companies are offering a number of web-based teleconferencing services. The best services are both easy to use as well as provide control to the host and company over function and cost. They have high quality connections and low access rates from many countries, with no connection or service fees.

Conference call providers are realizing that customers need services which are easy to install and use, and at the same time provide various conference call options. Their applications include advanced scheduling options, notification, and integration components that make it easier to learn and use. Although there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing is the one of the best and cheapest alternatives.

Even a quick Web search from your computer using the above options as keywords will give a long list of various conference call providers who offer specialised services to meet individual needs. This will cost you nothing, so it is definitely worth trying.

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